Ariadna underwater navigation technology will have a similar impact on diving as GPS and smartphones had on our everyday lives. Until now, some features were considered technically impossible. Ranging from a graphical real-time diver navigation to guiding a diver through a planned route, the new ultrasound free Ariadna POSIO (TM) Diver Positioning System makes it all possible. Now everyone can become an explorer and share one's underwater discoveries with the rest of the diving community. One thing is for sure - Ariadna will change the way we dive.

Just imagine how your dive experience could be improved with the POSIO (TM) technology.


The system consists of a Wrist Unit, and a Navigation Transmitter that you wear on your leg. A wireless underwater communication link connects these two devices. The Navigation Transmitter is responsible for all navigational calculations during the dive, and the Wrist Unit is used to display navigation data in graphical format. To complement its POSIO (TM) navigation technology, the system also features a dive computer functionality with an optional air-integration.


On the surface, the wrist unit uses its GPS receiver to obtain positional information. Upon submerging, where the GPS signal is not available, it relies on the navigation transmitter based on POSIO (TM) technology for navigational data. The navigation transmitter uses divers swimming motion capture sensors to measure diver's real-time position, speed, heading and distance information underwater. The resulting 3D underwater route is recorded and shown graphically in real time on the user interface as a continuous trace.


As divers, we are explorers and want to share our experiences with others. The system supports setting Points Of Interest while diving and sharing them on the web after a dive. Other people can import shared POI'a into their system for re-discovery during their dives. For post-dive data visualization and sharing, the system utilizes Google Earth compatible .KML data format. This powerful feature allows the users to benefit from all Google services for data sharing and displaying. The system is supplemented with a mobile app for iOS (TM) and Android (TM), which serves as link between the Bluetooth (TM) compatible system and the web.