Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I use the ARIADNA.TECH Navigator?

A: Using the Ariadna Tech underwater navigation system is as easy to use as any dive computer. You are ready to dive once you have put on the navigation transmitter on your leg and the wrist unit. The intuitive graphical display keeps tracking your dive immediately after submerging. The system is fully independent. No external transmitters, and no ultrasonic signals are needed.

Q: How does it work? The GPS signal doesn't enter under the water, does it?

A: On the surface, the computer relies on satellite navigation system, such as GPS, to obtain your location. Upon submerging it switches automatically to Ariadna Tech POSIO (TM) Diver Positioning System supported mode.

The POSIO (TM) system uses divers swimming motion capture sensors to measure and display diver's real-time position, speed, heading and distance underwater. The resulting 3D underwater route is recorded and shown graphically in real time as a continuous trace.

Q: What about sea-currents?

A: Sea currents can be compensated by activating the sea current compensation function while swimming against the current and maintaining a steady position for a few seconds. The speed and heading of the current are measured and taken into account in subsequent navigation calculations.

Q: I'm an underwater photographer. What are the advantages for me?

A: Underwater photographers can benefit from Google Earth and our time stamped data by aligning their photos

after the dive with their respective locations and headings along the dive trace.

Q: When I can buy one?

A: The system will be introduced to business customers during the 2020 and we plan to offer the first units for consumer market at 2021.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The price will be announced later, when the product is announced for the consumer market.

Q: How accurate it is?

A: Typically, the system offers better than 10 meters accuracy for a 500 meters long dive.

Q: Does it work in caves?

A: Yes it does, as long as you are swimming underwater.

Q: Where I can find more information?

A: Please study our YouTube videos and stay tuned on our Facebook channel. You can also sign up for our Newsletter.